VoiceBoxer saves you time and money, by engaging your multilingual audience online—through webinars, web presentations, virtual meetings, and online conferences in your audience’s languages.

Uses for VoiceBoxer

VoiceBoxer lets you reach your global audiences and solve communication challenges. Deepen international engagement for your webinars, online trainings, stakeholder updates, virtual meetings, international trainings, and more.

How It Works

VoiceBoxer is a multilingual web presentation and communication platform. We combine remote simultaneous voice interpretation with a web conferencing and presentation platform. VoiceBoxer provides voice language services at your fingertips, for any situation: multilingual webinars, virtual meetings, web presentations, international trainings, and online conferences.

We Need Your Voice

Are you an experienced interpreter, looking for the freedom and flexibility of working from home? Join our global network of professional interpreters.

VoiceBoxer is a multilingual web platform for presentations, video conferences, and webinars that lets you reach an audience in any language—anywhere, anytime, and in any configuration.

Are you delivering webinars, online presentations, or conferences to a multilingual audience? Want to engage your global partners in their own languages? Use VoiceBoxer for your international collaboration solutions. We help you Speak to the World.

Engageyour audience

Collaborate internationally by reaching your partners in their preferred languages

Save time

Deliver your message effectively online, the first time and every time

Save money

No need for expensive equipment and technicians for your interpreted event. No need for travel expenditures for interpreters (and staff).

Communicate professionally

Our global network of professional interpreters helps you to clearly communicate your message

Ways to use

VoiceBoxer’s live interpretation for webinars and online presentations has many uses.

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"Everyone who participates in one of Glendon’s multilingual mock conferences on VoiceBoxer learns enormously from the experience. Thanks to VoiceBoxer, our students gain confidence in the use of remote interpreting platforms while honing their simultaneous interpreting skills in a professional, real-life context."

Michelle Hof Field Coordinator for Conference Interpreting, Glendon MCI 20 July 2017