Customer Success Case: ESCR-Net

Holding webinars in up to four different languages


ESCR-NetInternational Network for Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights is a collaborative initiative of more than 280 groups and individuals from over 75 countries around the world, working to secure economic and social justice through human rights. ESCR-Net works towards strengthening the field of all human rights, with a special focus on economic, social, and cultural rights (ESCR).The member-led collective work of ESCR-Net is guided by core principles of gender and regional balance in leadership and participation, intersectional analysis, and centrality of grassroots groups and social movements. By facilitating joint actions, enhancing communications, and building solidarity across regions, the Network’s goal is to build a global movement to make human rights and social justice a reality for all.


Although ESCR-Net periodically organizes face-to-face meetings and gatherings around the world, most of the communication between members of the working groups take place via email exchange, calls, and videoconferences. ESCR-Net works in four official languages (English, Spanish, French, and Arabic), as all members of the Network can work in at least one of these languages. ESCR-Net has historically experienced problems when having online calls or videoconferences that seek to create multilingual spaces that guaranty engagement by all participants in the topics. In essence, they were limited to facilitating exchanges for members speaking the same language, with the result that members with a different primary language could not interact in a smooth way, or alternatively the interactions resulted in long, confusing calls.

“VoiceBoxer allows ESCR-Net members to forget that they are on a multilingual call, so they can focus on the conversation and interact with other participants in a natural way.”

- Sergio Rozalén, Communications Coordinator at ESCR-Net -


The use of VoiceBoxer’s multilingual platform has helped ESCR-Net to host live presentations in two, three, or four different languages at the same time, allowing their members to interact in a structured way during these live events. ESCR-Net is now successfully holding their live events on VoiceBoxer platform, as it combines everything they require: audio, video, translated slide presentations, multilingual capacity, and the option to make the webinar public so more people can join and be part of addressing the issues that matter most to them. Also, the ability to record, save and share multilingual webinars held on the VoiceBoxer platform is useful for ESCR-Net members who couldn’t participate during the live event.

The opportunity to participate, listen, and engage in multiple languages really paid off:

increase in engagement is achieved on average by offering attendance in multiple languages.

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