Customer Success Case: Glendon College

Running multilingual mock conferences in 15 different languages simultaneously

ABOUT GLENDON COLLEGE (Master of Conference Interpreting)

The Master of Conference Interpreting at Glendon is a two-year postgraduate program that prepares students to embark on a career in interpreting. In Year One, which is offered entirely online, students learn to interpret in three settings – healthcare, legal and conference. In Year Two, which focuses exclusively on conference interpreting, classes are held on Glendon’s campus in Toronto, Canada, with additional online and blended components offered throughout the year.


Students of conference interpreting benefit greatly from exposure to scenarios that are as close as possible to real-life working contexts. For this reason, multilingual mock conferences, role plays, internships and other real-life interpreting scenarios must play a key role in any training program. At Glendon, the challenge is to ensure that our Year One students, whose training takes places entirely online, also benefit fully from this type of learning experience. Also, knowing that remote interpreting services are playing an increasingly important role in the job market, it is important that students in both years of the program acquire the skills they need to work remotely while continuing to meet the high quality standards that are required in interpreter’s position.

“Everyone who participates in one of Glendon’s multilingual mock conferences on VoiceBoxer learns enormously from the experience. Thanks to VoiceBoxer, our students gain confidence in the use of remote interpreting platforms while honing their simultaneous interpreting skills in a professional, real-life context.”

- Michelle Hof, Field Coordinator for Conference Interpreting, Glendon MCI -


Glendon uses VoiceBoxer to run multilingual mock conferences with full simultaneous interpreting teams for both, their Year One and Year Two students. The most important benefit is that students can work remotely as they would on site: in teams of two, taking turns and using relay when required. Another key point is the high quality of VoiceBoxer’s video and audio feed – we all know that sound quality can make or break an interpretation, and VoiceBoxer has always come through in that respect. Also, the platform allows for direct communication between participants (boothmates, interpreting team members and event moderators) and can be configured for what seems to be an unlimited number of language combinations and boothsBest of all, VoiceBoxer’s real-time back-end assistance ensures that even the most unwieldy of events will run smoothly – and if there is any hitch, there’s real-time tech support is ready to jump in.

active language channels at once are used for running multilingual mock conferences.

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