VoiceBoxer features

Powerful features, world-class customer support, and premium quality multilingual presentations. VoiceBoxer truly is the best way to speak to the world.

Familiar interface

VoiceBoxer is an intuitive online meeting platform equipped with all of the most familiar features from other platforms. You will be up and running in no time.

voiceboxer interpretation feature

Built for real-time simultaneous interpretation

VoiceBoxer gives you the power to communicate in unlimited languages, with zero delay. Our instant interpretation feature sets VoiceBoxer apart from the pack.

Highly customizable

VoiceBoxer can be used as a standalone or in conjuntion with other systems. With so many use cases and configurations, VoiceBoxer is as versatile as you are.

video meeting

Multilingual at all touchpoints

Additional features

Best-in-class interpreter interface
Accessibility For sign language and captions
Best in class customer service and support
Fully secure and unhackable
Ability to record meetings
No limitation on number of presenters or size of audience

Add the power of live interpretation to your video conferencing toolbox

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