VoiceBoxer is a multilingual web presentation and communication platform—built for international webinars, virtual meetings, web presentations, international trainings, and online conferences.

An interpreter focuses on the spoken word (voice translation), while a translator focuses on written text. On our platform, you get to listen to the interpretation and see the presentation translation: professional, reliable language services you can depend on, delivered cost effectively.

Our innovative technology provides live voice interpretation, by combining remote professional interpreters with a comprehensive webcast platform. VoiceBoxer allows you to engage with global partners, translate voices, and Speak to the World.

Our strategic and technical support services are second to none. We are with you every step of the way—from the strategic planning stages through to the execution phase.

Take a look at our easy-to-use interfaces: Moderator, Presenter, and Audience

VoiceBoxer’s platform is easily accessible with Chrome/Firefox browser or our mobile app (free download on iOS or Android devices).