Interpreter Platform

VoiceBoxer’s Interpreter Platform was built to provide the best quality online interpretation possible. Our platform is interpreter-focused: practical, intuitive, and professional. We understand the language services industry, and we are excited about enabling professionals to reach an international audience—with our platform’s globally focused capabilities.

Our virtual interpreter booth approximates the on-site experience (adjusted for remote performance), and allows interpreters to work in pairs to ensure a comfortable experience. Take a look at our Interpreter interface:

What we offer our interpreters

  • The opportunity to conduct your work remotely, from the comfort of your home office
  • Networking with other interpreters in our global community
  • New and better technology that improves your experience (and strengthens your skillset)
  • Our commitment to satisfying your requirements

What we require from you

  • You are an experienced, professional interpreter
  • You have a high-speed Internet connection
  • You use a professional headset
  • You are eager to reach a broader international audience with your expertise

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