Our story

VoiceBoxer was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2014 by Sergio Llorian (a veteran of the language services industry) and Andrea Baccenetti, who met during their MBA program at the Copenhagen Business School. They recognized that meetings and conferences have moved online, that the world doesn’t speak one language, and that, while many organizations broadcast their seminars globally, they rarely do it in multiple languages simultaneously.

VoiceBoxer was created to address this need, and we work every day to help people communicate across borders, in languages they understand. We help organizations foster a stronger sense of community engagement by including colleagues in all languages.

Based in Denmark—home to the world’s happiest people—VoiceBoxer’s international team has grown over the years, as we welcome global associates and partners who are similarly committed to helping people across organizations Speak to the World.

Our Mission

VoiceBoxer’s mission is to empower organizations’ capabilities to strengthen international collaboration and global engagement. Our innovative technology allows you to communicate with anyone, anywhere, anytime, in any language, and in any configuration.

Our Promise

At VoiceBoxer, we like to solve problems. We commit to delivering the best multilingual web presentation and conferencing platform. We provide innovative, integrated solutions (new technology) that strengthen the capabilities and expand the reach of the language services industry, and supportive customer service every step of the way.