VoiceBoxer is the perfect online meeting platform

Host multilingual events on our online meeting platform designed for maximum engagement. VoiceBoxer is perfect for online meetings requiring live interpretation for a diverse audience.

Our online meeting platform can help cater to users speaking any language from anywhere in the world. Our interface is specifically designed for meetings so participants can hear the speaker in their own language in real time, bridging language barriers without a speaker delay.

voiceboxer interpretation feature

VoiceBoxer is the perfect solution for your Multilingual Web Platform needs. Whether for video meetings, virtual conferences, webinars, or onsite events, VoiceBoxer’s event translation with virtual interpreters allows organizations to reach their target audience in any language, anywhere, anytime.

Our Interpreter Platform was built to provide the highest quality online interpretation possible with interpreter-focused design. The interface for interpreters is practical, intuitive and professional.

Our online meeting platform can host up to 3000 participants and provide professional simultaneous interpretation services in over 300 languages for your Webinars, Online Meetings or Onsite Events.

The all around online meeting solution

Besides being the provider of professional simultaneous interpretation we can also help you with:

Recruitment of interpreters for your specific events

VoiceBoxer is built so you can layer your expert language services on our technology. If you need a specialized language pair, we will work with you to find the right professionals.

Supreme customer service

The experts at VoiceBoxer provide full customer service and technical support before, during and after your event. We support all commercial and work-related issues by ensuring that all interpreters, speakers and other participants are trained and comfortable on the VoiceBoxer platform.

Event creation and participant registration for bigger events

VoiceBoxer can be configured to allow for pre-registration for closed events or guest access for open events. Let us know what you need, and we will help set it up for you.

Event Translation App

Technology crafted by linguistic and event experts

The VoiceBoxer platform can serve all of your multilingual events, regardless of configuration.

Onsite or online, moderated presentation or open discussions — the VoiceBoxer platform can be tailored to each of your specific needs.

The VoiceBoxer platform is easy to integrate with any onsite hardware or virtual meeting software. Our team will listen to your unique requirements and use the VoiceBoxer Connect flexible system to facilitate a customized configuration that ensures your hybrid events work seamlessly.

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